How it works

How it works

Cashback through payment with debit card

In order to benefit from cashback at ALEA, you need to go through order the debit card and download the application.

Advantages: It couldn't be more convenient. You don't have to show or declare anything. When you pay with your debit card, you will receive the cashback in your Wallet within 72 hours. The data is automatically evaluated immediately after payment and the amount is credited to the Wallet.

Buy discounted vouchers in our shop

Create a login via ALEA. After successfully logging in to our application, click on Advantage World and then on Discounted Vouchers.

You can then comfortably redeem the voucher at the respective partner on site or in the online shop.

Advantages: You can buy the discounted vouchers for e.g. Zalando as often as you like and always benefit from the discount.

Check our map to see where the shop is located.